SpotFire SharePoint Connector – error web player

We are having an issue with authentication when using the Spotfire SharePoint Connector.  This feature has been added to our Spotfire 6.5 environment and allows direct access between SharePoint and Spotfire. Firstly, to create Spotfire reports using SharePoint lists and also allows for reports built on Excel spreadsheets stored in SharePoint to be viewable using the Spotfire Web player (provided the Spotfire Admin  account has Power User access to the SharePoint site/library where the content is located).  By default reports built using .xlsx in SharePoint do not display in the Web Player due to an authentication issue.

We have solved the problem with the web player not working for some Spotfire reports based on .xlsx documents stored in SharePoint (using the SharePoint Connector in 6.5).  The Spotfire Admin account needs to have access to the site that stores the .xlsx and for some reason this wasn’t working when the access was granted via a SharePoint permission group – access needed to be granted directly to the site.  See below:


When the account was in the BI Power User group reports based on content in this site were not working in the web player.  Changing to the above the reports are working in the web player.

Note in these two cases I have granted the account Read access.  If Spotfire analyses are configured to connect directly to a list and include update functionality Spotfire Admin will require Contribute access.

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The excel workbook shows error

The excel workbook shows error on my clients intranet homepage which is a excel web access webpart. Which checking the backend file and opening it with excel services has same error but when opened in excel it open fine.

Error: ” An Error has occurred. Please try again.

Investigations: The previous night there has been a power outage to the data center and next morning this is not working.

When the same file is renamed and saved again it works fine with excel web app so it could be something related to cache on the sever.

Then the eventlog on one of the frontend shows this error in application


 Error: Unable to create or access workbook cache at C:WINDOWSTEMPExcel ServerFileCacheSharedServices1-1078443246Ranges. Excel Services is unable to function without a workbook cache


Bang on !!! when verified the “ranges” folder is missing on one of the WFE and the same excel url is tested on other WFE’s  which also displays error. I suppose the cache for each excel file using excel service is stored only on one server irrespective of which WFE this file is served.

Restore the folders in the path of the cache resolved the issue:

C:WINDOWSTEMPExcel ServerFileCacheSharedServices1-1078443246

This path has the following folders “Images”, “Ranges”, “SavedWorkbooks”, “Workbooks”

In case if that is also not working for you, you could remove the whole directory “Excel Server” in windowstemp folder and make sure the excel service application pool account has access to recreated folder at that path and restart the IIS should create the folder back again and rebuilt the cache as necessary.

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