Enable Desktop Experience on Servers to Access SharePoint Web Folders

All of us like to access our files like a network drive, and drag and drop and mapping this drive to windows explorer or write/upload to SharePoint using scripts.

In order to access SharePoint like a network drive we need to enable a windows feature on our OS which is called “Desktop Experience” which include a webDAV client which is required to open SharePoint documents as a folder on our machine. On most windows desktop OS it is by default enabled, but on servers we need to enable this feature.

If you see the below image, you can notice that if you click on “Open with Explorer” you may get this error.

The Solution is very simple on to enable this on Windows servers (2008/2012 servers)

  1.  Open Powershell command prompt
  2. Type “Import-Module ServerManager” without Quotes and execute it(enter)
  3. Next you need to execute “Add-Windowsfeature Desktop-Experience” this will install the necessary feature
  4. Or you can create a powershell file with the above two commands and execute that file in powershell window like below.

After the server restart you can open the sharepoint files as a web folders:

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