Perfmon Counter Templates – SharePoint Server, Project Server and SQL Server

               When we run into issues and need further investigation to troubleshoot the root cause we look up to getting Servers and Database statistics. Always I look forward to gather as much data from Performance Counters. These counters are specific to application and Operating system and as a SharePoint Admins we need to gather data which makes sense and the following counters had been very helpful for up in such instances.
Every Situation is different and we need to add counters which are necessary and apt for that situation and below are one which I use most of the time for SharePoint and Project Server and while working with Microsoft we got these templates to collect the counters. I also uploaded these templates which you can download at:
SharePoint Server and Project Server Counters:

Processor(*)% Processor Time
Network Interface(*)Bytes Total/sec
Network Interface(*)Current Bandwidth
SystemProcessor Queue Length
Processor(*)% Privileged Time
PhysicalDisk(*)Avg. Disk sec/Read
PhysicalDisk(*)Avg. Disk sec/Write
LogicalDisk(*)Avg. Disk sec/Read
LogicalDisk(*)Avg. Disk sec/Write
MemoryFree System Page Table Entries
MemoryPool Nonpaged Bytes
MemoryPool Paged Bytes
MemoryAvailable MBytes
Network Interface(*)Output Queue Length
Processor(_Total)% Processor Time
Processor(_Total)% Privileged Time
SystemContext Switches/sec
Process(*)Private Bytes
Process(*)Handle Count
Process(*)Thread Count
Process(*)% Processor Time
Process(*)Virtual Bytes
LogicalDisk(C:)Free Megabytes
Processor(*)% Interrupt Time
Process(*)Working Set
MemorySystem Cache Resident Bytes
Process(*)IO Data Operations/sec
Process(*)IO Other Operations/sec
LogicalDisk(*)Disk Transfers/sec
MemoryPages Input/sec
Paging File(*)% Usage
Paging File(*)% Usage Peak
ASP.NET Apps v2.0.50727(*)Request Execution Time
ASP.NET Apps v2.0.50727(*)Requests/Sec
ASP.NET Apps v2.0.50727(*)Requests In Application Queue
ASP.NET(*)Worker Process Restarts
SQLServer:Locks(*)Average Wait Time (ms)
SQLServer:Locks(*)Number of Deadlocks/sec
SQLServer:Access Methods(*)Full Scans/sec
SQLServer:General Statistics(*)User Connections
SQLServer:Cache Manager(*)Cache Hit Ratio
SharePoint Publishing Cache(*)Publishing cache flushes / second
SharePoint Publishing Cache(*)Publishing cache hit ratio
SharePoint Publishing Cache(*)Publishing cache misses / sec
SharePoint Foundation(*)Sql Query Executing time
SharePoint Foundation(*)Executing Sql Queries
SharePoint Foundation(*)Responded Page Requests Rate
SharePoint Foundation(*)Executing Time/Page Request
SharePoint Foundation(*)Current Page Requests
SharePoint Foundation(*)Reject Page Requests Rate
SharePoint Foundation(*)Incoming Page Requests Rate
SharePoint Foundation(*)Active Threads
.NET CLR Exceptions(*)# of Exceps Thrown / sec
Web Service(_Total)Connection Attempts/sec
.NET CLR Loading(*)Current appdomains
ASP.NET Applications(*)Request Execution Time
ASP.NET Applications(*)Requests Queued
.NET CLR Memory(*)# Bytes in all Heaps
ASP.NET Applications(*)Application Restarts
MemoryCommitted Bytes
MemoryCommit Limit
Memory% Committed Bytes In Use

SQL Server Perfmon Counters Template:

Network Interface(*)*
Paging File(*)*
SQLServer:Access Methods*
SQLServer:Backup Device(*)*
SQLServer:Broker Activation(*)*
SQLServer:Broker Statistics*
SQLServer:Broker/DBM Transport*
SQLServer:Buffer Manager*
SQLServer:Buffer Node(*)*
SQLServer:Buffer Partition(*)*
SQLServer:Catalog Metadata(*)*
SQLServer:Cursor Manager by Type(*)*
SQLServer:Cursor Manager Total*
SQLServer:Database Mirroring(*)*
SQLServer:Exec Statistics(*)*
SQLServer:General Statistics*
SQLServer:Memory Manager*
SQLServer:Plan Cache(*)*
SQLServer:Replication Agents(*)*
SQLServer:Replication Dist(*)*
SQLServer:Replication Logreader(*)*
SQLServer:Replication Snapshot(*)*
SQLServer:Replication Merge(*)*
SQLServer:SQL Errors(*)*
SQLServer:SQL Statistics*
SQLServer:User Settable(*)*
SQLServer:Wait Statistics(*)*



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