How to Unlock your Airtel BlackBerry for other service providers..

Now its  a good time to unlock your blackberry purchased from Airtel, as the number portability is up around new year..

Steps Involved:

1:) You need to send an email to mentioning your device PIN and IMEI number and requesting the unlock code for this model.

Make sure your email id is registered with them to this number(though not mandatory) and the name and address you mentioned in the request should match with their records.

2:) You will get a mail from airtel support requesting more details like:

Any  Working/Active Airtel  POSTPAID number(Yours/friends/realtives ….): <mobile number to unlock>

 Alt contact no. : 

Model :  9730

 Pin :  


Best time to contact : any time

Reason for unlock code : Need to test other providers and software development

 Once you fill in the details and reply to them and also if you are lucky you will get a call from them with in a week and after the call they says they need 21 working days to send the code.. dont know why they need that much time..

Last but not the least steps to unlock and code will come in mail.. but if you are reading this blog for the steps them follow below:

“Make sure  wireless mode is turned off”

1.  On the Home screen, click on “Options”
2  Scroll to sim card and select should see the phone number and the sim ID number.
3. Type MEPD
4. You will see the 5 categories of locking
network subset
service provide

5  To unlock  network personalization hold down  ‘Alt key’ and then press MEPE
6. The device will display  “enter network mep code.
7. Enter the code  and press the  trackwheel or Scroll ball.
8. It will show that Code has been accepted.
9.Then insert the other sim card and then start using

IF the above option is not working or not available in your blackberry try these steps..

Go to Options
Select Advanced Options
Select SIM Card
Hit menu select show keyboard (where needed)
Type MEPPD or MEPD (you will not be able to see the typed info)
Enter MEP2 or MEPP2
Now it will say enter network mep code
Enter Unlock Code

Hope this will help and happy unlocking your Blackberry (Airtel India)

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